New Beginnings at the End of a Decade

It just dawned on me the other day that we are coming to end of a decade, not just another year. On one hand it seems so recent that we celebrated the new millennium, but on the other we’ve experienced so many changes in our world since then, the year 2000 seems long ago.
In light of the big picture, the smaller picture is here in my studio. I continue to be honored to share in the life stories of the women who visit my studio.
Recently I answered a call from an elderly woman who was wheelchair bound and unable to get to my studio. In conversing with her, it became clear to me that making a visit to her home would be the best way to meet her needs. I packed up a nice selection of wigs as well as accessory items and made my first house call. She was a delightful woman who was most appreciative of my efforts. We began to try on various styles and she soon found one that she really liked. I needed to order it in her color, a beautiful snow white. We had a lovely time together visiting about our families, especially noting that her husband and my father passed away within months of each other, over 10 years ago. We concluded that such a significant loss during the holiday magnifies the empty ‘chair at the table’ even tho’ it’s been many years. She shared fond memories of how her husband loved to sit in the kitchen while she did her Christmas baking, how special it was to decorate the tree together and hang the stockings by the fireplace. Now the tree is decorated and the stockings hung by her children and grandchildren. Very nice, but not the same.
I returned a few days later with her wig, prepared to make the necessary alterations and anxious to see how it would work out for her. She looked terrific! We visited a bit more about the challenges associated with chemotherapy and hair loss. Losing one’s hair is one of the most difficult parts of the journey and again, I was honored to come along side with emotional support and a really nice looking wig. My heart was so warmed by a very special woman that I truly didn’t mind the snowy, cold conditions that I stepped out into to go home for the evening. A true Christmas Blessing.
Wishing you a Happy New Year!