A woman’s signature trademark is her hair.  It’s unique to her, enhancing identity, femininity, and self expression.

Wigs from It’s Still Me wig salon are carefully chosen to meet your high standards.  They are stylish, fashionable, natural looking, comfortable, and constructed with care from the the very best materials — all while maintaining an excellent value.

We carry synthetic and human hair wigs — both machine stitched and hand tied cap constructions — to give you a wide selection of price points and quality features.

Synthetic Wigs

You might be surprised to learn that modern synthetics now look as natural as human hair wigs, and they actually have a wider variety of styles and colors. They have become increasingly popular due to convenience (shake and go styling), and they are less expensive than human hair.  The high quality synthetic wigs offered by It’s Still Me wig salon embody the natural appearance and movement of human hair.

It’s Still Me specializes in high quality hand-tied wigs, which are designed for women suffering from hair loss. Hand-tied (monofilament) wigs offer a fine, transparent mesh to which individual hairs are tied, allowing your own scalp to show through and creating a surprisingly natural appearance. They feature a soft, breathable base material which feels light and cool against the scalp.

Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs tend to offer greater versatility than synthetic wigs; they can be styled with curling irons and blow dryers.  Human hair also has a smooth, silky texture, and is more durable than synthetics — especially in longer styles.

Human hair wigs appear the most natural because, simply, they are constructed from real human hair. The feel, weight, bounce, and movement offered by a good quality human hair wig also mimics your own hair in a way synthetics cannot.

Real Human Hair Wigs are remarkably versatile and resilient. They can be custom colored to match your original hair color, and they easily tolerate heat from styling appliances.

Children’s Wigs

The Jon Renau Juniors Collection has been designed specially for children experiencing medical hair loss. Understanding the physical and emotional needs of kids, these wigs are sized for small heads and crafted to recreate the natural softness and body of children’s hair. These styles are simple and classic-perfect for active kids. Madefrom lightweight fiber using low-density construction and incorporating features like monofilament crowns and open caps, these children’s wigs are engineered to provide the comfort, wearability and security a child needs.

I invite you to enjoy our selections!