“It’s Still Me is a much needed resource within the cancer world in dealing with the loss of hair due to chemotherapy.  Jan is keenly aware of the emotional aspect of hair loss because of herown first-hand experience. She is a valuable resource for wigs, but more importantly she is a survivor whose positive attitude will offer other hope, help and understanding to others on this same journey.” 

– Brian H. Rank, Medical Oncologist, Health Partners Medical Center


“Dear Jan, You are certainly one of the most special people that I have met during this process with cancer. Selling a wig is just a small part of what you do. Your advice and concern were just invaluable. I appreciate that you worked tirelessly to find the perfect wig for me. The color and style are just great and, I have received so many compliments.  How lucky I was to find you.”

–Carol from Excelsior


“Thank you Jan I am recommending you all over town. You gave me an invaluable 2.5 hour training seminar, presented me with beautiful high quality products, and a great therapeutic opportunity for my two daughters.”

– JM from Bloomington


“Hi Jan! Hope you are well. I ran into a woman at treatment last week who started talking about this fabulous women who sold these fantastic wigs. I said you must be talking about Jan. She said YES!

– Mary from Princeton


“Jan — Thanks for all your help. I look forward to my fresh wig!  You have found your calling. You work so well with all those you meet that need your services. Bless you for sharing the gifts you have been given.”

– Cheryl from Saint Paul


“Hi Jan, I just want to thank you again for the wonderful appt. today. It was the best day I’ve had in a long time!! Thank you for spending so much time with me and really making me feel comfortable and special. I know I will get a lot of use out of my new wig and it was a hit with my boyfriend! Of course, he told me I look beautiful no matter what (I am a lucky girl to have him!). I’ve attached a couple pics for you. I will be recommending you in the future to anyone I hear of that needs your services. What a blessing you are!”

– Betsy from Delano (Betsy is pictured below with Jan, owner of It’s Still Me)



“Jan,  Thank you so much for hosting your birthday party and letting us be part of it.  You are an inspiration to anyone battling cancer.  You had a great line-up of guests and it was very informative.  How you ever got not one, but two doctors to participate is a testament to how much of an impact you’ve made on so many people.”

– Kathy from Brooklyn Park


“Hi Jan,  Someone here at work loves my wig – she doesn’t have cancer – she just wants a nice wig, so I gave her your information so she may be contacting you – I gave someone else the info. too whose sister was just diagnosed with breast cancer so you may be hearing from them. I’ve had so many compliments on this wig and mostly people thinking I got my hair cut and it’s a new style. I just was at my cousin’s for Easter and she said for the first half hour or so she thought my hair had grown back already then I pushed it back or something and she realized it was a wig. So – thanks again – the wig has helped a lot. My hair is still very short – look like a guy – salt and pepper. It’s funny because I haven’t seen my real hair color for a long time – I’ve had it colored for so long – I knew it was probably the color it is.  Bless you – have a good day!”

– Carol from Mpls


“Hi Jan,  I think you have had a few customers from Saint Cloud at my recommendation. Today, one of your business cards is going to a young woman in Duluth. How can I hear of so many women who are affected by this terrible disease!!  I was very happy with my experience at your shop as well as very happy with the wig. I went to breakfast with a friend recently and she asked me after breakfast if I was going to lose my hair! People are repeatedly surprised that my hair is not my own. The extra I spent on the wig has been well worth it.  I have had comments from staff in two different cancer centers- saying that can’t be a wig  I still prefer my own hair, but if this had to happen I feel so much better feeling like I look nice”

– Jane from Saint Cloud


“Hi Jan, I am very pleased with the synthetic wig.  I haven’t decided yet what I want to do with the human hair one. I did wear it Saturday night, all day Sunday and to work yesterday and today. I am not used to having hair in my face.  It feels a little weird still, but I am getting used to it.  My family loved it on Easter, and I am getting high marks for it at work. They will all be shocked when I start wearing the human hair wig!   I can’t thank you enough for giving me back something I haven’t had for years!!!  Thanks again…” (Patti is pictured below)

– Patti from Inver Grove Heights



“Hi Jan!  Doing well, all the hair is gone.  I am using the wig and the scarves.  The sleeping caps are essential!  I am so appreciative of you spending so much time with me in order to prepare me for what was to come.  It was invaluable.  I feel so much better equipped to handle it all.   As for the wig debut, I wore it my first day back to work.  Everyone said it looked great, just my color.  A few clients even came in and didn’t really notice.  So all is well.  I’ve worn the scarves to work as well.  They are a little liberating, if that makes sense.  We are trying to keep things as “normal” as possible.  Thank you for checking in with me.”

– Alisa from Bloomington


“Hi Jan,  Thanks again for all of your help with my fabulous wig.  I rave about you all the time!!!”

– Ann from Eden Prairie


Tina and Brenna came to visit my studio with trichotillomania.  They have agreed to share their photos as well as some information about hair pulling with the hope that it will educate and encourage others with this condition. They are both wearing wigs with the express purpose of helping to break the habit of pulling their hair out.  Thank you for your courage to  share this personal information  You are admired!

“Jan, I am very pleased with my wig, it looks so natural.  One of my co-workers who knew I was getting it didn’t even realize it was a wig, she had to really look.  Another co-worker who didn’t know said she loved my new color and cut.  She was looking at it so closely so I just told her it was a wig and she didn’t believe me.  She said, “But I can see the hair line.”  It’s great to have something that I can feel confident in everyday and not have to feel self consious of people knowing I have a wig.  I do wear my wig everyday when I am going somewhere, except to workout, if I am staying home I don’t wear it then.  I do still really love it.  I like being able to get up and just quickly put it on and go without having to fuss with my hair too much.”

– Tina from Maple Grove/Trichotillomania  (Tina is pictured below at right.  To read a blog post about her condition, click here.)

Doreen (Brenna’s Mom) writes:

“Hi Jan,  Brenna had a super day; she received many compliments! I see a change in her already.  At home she gives her new hair a rest and does cute things with her short hair. I’ve attached a photo.  Thanks again for all you’ve done; we hope to see you again.”

– Brenna and Doreen from Richfield (Brenna is pictured below at left.  To read a blog post about her condition, click here.)



“Hi Jan!  It’s Jess (Nancy’s daughter).  My mom had her work retirement party yesterday and wore her wig. It looks so real on her! I always loves when she wears it because no one would ever know the difference. I keep telling her that I like her “new” style better than the old one! I think the cut / color compliments her face and makes her look younger.    I hope things are well on your end and I look forward to hearing from you.”

– Jess


“Jan,  Thank you so much for hosting your birthday party and letting us be part of it.  You are an inspiration to anyone battling cancer.  You had a great line-up of guests and it was very informative.  How you ever got not one, but two doctors to participate is a testament to how much of an impact you’ve made on so many people.”

– Kathy and Craig from Brooklyn Park


“I got your invitation to your two year birthday party.  Thank you and I’m sorry I missed it.  It would be fun to talk—you were such a Godsend to me when I most needed a heart-to-heart talk about chemo—you entered my life that day and gave me important information and were willing to share your journey and it was just what I needed.  Facts and hope and a hug.  Thanks and best of luck in the next ten years!!”

– Vicki form International Falls


“Jan, I can’t tell you how happy my daughter is. She went over to visit two of her friends last night and they both thought it looked really cute and very natural.  Today, we went out to lunch on Grand Avenue in St. Paul and visited the shops and bakeries, and then hit some other bakeries around town.  She had a headband in and the hair pulled back, and she looked so cute.  She loves having so many options now, and she has so much self-confidence.  I am excited that she will have it for the wedding.  Thank you again for being so wonderful and making her feel so good.  You truly have a gift.”

– A & E from Edina


I received the following message from Kathy, the woman who accompanied Anne to her wig appointment.  Conversation went in the direction of everyone wanting to help Anne, but not knowing what she really needs.  I shared with them the gifitng program I have developed here. I initiate and coordinate accepting funds from family and friends to help financially  support the person going through one of the more emotional parts of treatment, the loss of their hair.  Kathy quickly picked up on the idea and proceeded to share it with Anne’s friends (with her permission).  Soon I was receiving e-mails and phone calls from her friends and famiily anxiously ready to donate towards Anne’s wig.  She was able to purchase a beautiful human hair wig.

“Hi Jan,  I just wanted to let you know that I saw Anne wearing her new wig and she looks fabulous!  It’s very much like the first wig she got, but better.  Anne says it fits her head more securely and I know that gives her more confidence – and that’s what it’s all about.  Anne and I attended the make-up class, “Look Good, Feel Better”, and one of the other ladies there could not believe Anne was wearing a wig.  She was so shocked it was fun to watch her amazement!  That kind of positive reinforcement is so great for Anne – I can tell her she looks good, but it really hits home when it comes from someone unfamiliar with her situation.  Anne kept saying that she just didn’t want to look like a cancer patient and I think she’s met that goal.  Just had to share the good news – Anne’s new wig is a big hit”

– Kathy from Vadnais Heights


“Hi Jan! I just wanted to let you know that I get SO many compliments on my wig. People say things like “Did you just get your hair done? It looks so nice.” Or “I love your hair”. I have given your name out to several people. So once again, thanks. And if they make this wig with a longer version, call me.”

– Mary from Princeton


I received this feedback from Marlene who came to visit me herself in Sept of 2009.  In December of 2010 she brought her step-daughter Teri to see me.  Both of these women lost their hair to chemotherapy for breast cancer.

“Thanks so much for the invite to your 2nd b’day party.  We will still be in Florida enjoying the sunshine-wish I could be there to help you celebrate.  Teri, my stepdaughter, is doing OK, bit it’s a tough haul.  She’s 4/6 done with treatments and looking forward to the end of all that.  She was SO thankful to have her wig when her hair fell out right on schedule.  She looks adorable!  Again-I thank you for saving another one’s esteem and femininity.  I think you & your service are fabulous!!!!  I’m just so thankful that Sue showed me the way to your door. It was my lucky day – Teri’s too now.  Have a great time and congratulations!”

– Marlene from Buffalo

“I just got my wig today. I was surprised so quick. It looks GREAT! I may not even have it cut because I can see your point about longer bangs once the eyebrows are gone. Thank you so much for making this experience so much more bearable than I ever imagined.  I have been telling everyone what a positive experience I had at your shop. My stylist even asked for your card. Thanks again for all your positive energy and all your helpful tips for getting through this journey-“

Several days later:

“I did get my wig trimmed just a little yesterday and now I truly love it!  I had it on when my hubby got home last night and he talked standing behind me and had no idea. When I turned around he hesitated…like “What is different?”… oh you’ve got your wig on!…”

More great feeback:

“I wore the wig out in public today for the first time.  I was very self conscious at first, but as the day went on, it felt so natural!  My family loves it and my hubby says I look younger…no grey hairs!!!!! I do love the highlights and darker roots in the wig.  I could never see paying to put them in my hair before, but now I will always want them! I am very glad I purchased the hats also.  They are great to wear around the house and makes it a little fun to coordinate with outfits. Thank you again for all your help and caring comfort you gave me at your shop that day.”

– Connie from Hayward (pictured below)



“You are right, my wig has amazingly beautiful hair. After speaking with some native communittee elders I had a slight change of plans for hair cutting. My women friends came over this monday, prayed, sang, and cut my hair, then wrapped it in red fabric and put it in the fire at the lodge.  It was very empowering, and I like the GI jane look. Thanks for answering the call when you did, and making all of this possible in a very narrow window of time. It was like an oasisi in a storm to find you with your knowledge, skill and positive approach.  Thank you also for you support regarding treatment, it is going well.”

– Anonymous from Moorhead


“Yup–the wig I bought from you is the one that has carried me through…still getting compliments on it… I’ll stop in and say hello one of these days.  I have a little crew cut…ha ha ha…but powerful images of you with a full head of hair that grew back, that keeps me going. And, I’m back at work!  it’s all good.  xo.

— Mary Sue from Minneapolis


“I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I purchased my wig ahead of time from you and that I was ready for it when the time came.   My wig is comfortable, and I’ve had many compliments on the color and how natural it looks.  A waitress at a restaurant that we frequent for Sunday breakfast said “You dyed your hair.  I really like the color!”  She made my day!! I really appreciate having the cotton caps, too.  You were right about my head feeling cold at night.  Once again, my experience with you was so positive.  I know it has helped my attitude tremendously.  THANK YOU!”

“P.S.  I gave your information to the Cancer Center.  I hope it brings business your way.”

— Peggy from Willmar


“Thank you sooo much for being who you are and sharing your experience with us through your very private shop and words of the way it is for a person dealing with losing their hair.  The educational and extremely caring way that  you helped Tonya find her ‘Bam’  (the wig that made her feel like Tonya) and brought us all to tears, was something that each of us will hold in our heart forever.  Please feel free to post this to your website.”

— Kathy and Tonya from Litchfield (pictured with Jan below)



“My Mom loves the wig! It looks great on her! She wore it during dinner on Friday night. For a moment, I felt as if everything was back to normal. Seriously, that wig looks so normal.  I will definitely stay in touch and you take care too!”

— Jess from Minneapolis


“Looking on line for places such as this can be overwhelming. Your story though touched me in the fact that my friend also has breast cancer and asked me to locate a wig specialist in the cities. Right now she is still recovering from her Mastectomy and will be going in later this month to find out when she starts Radiation and Chemo. I have forwarded her your website and told her that of all the sites I looked at this one seemed to have the full service she was looking for. I just looked at your website again this morning and noticed that you are a red head as well! Once she is healed and knows more of her medical regimen I am sure she will be calling you.I look forward to spending some time with you soon.”

Several days after the appointment:

Jan, anyone can sell wigs but you sell hope and comfort to those unaware of what is going to happen on their journey with cancer. You bring forth a wealth of knowledge that surpasses just selling wigs. You work by appointments only to ensure that each person leaves there more confident and with one less thing to worry about. I feel so blessed to have found you. My girlfriend called me to say she loves the wig tremendously!  Thanks again.

– Renee from Champlin


“I just want to share some feedback, so here I am.  My husband said “nice color” (he hates big hair, which I’ve always had) but at work today so many gals came up to me and said how much they liked it.  I even got a comment from my boss (female) saying with the new wig and my being able to wear mascara again I look younger.  At 54, I love hearing that!  I finally feel feminine again – lashes, brows, and new hair to boot! Thanks for your continuing support and compassion.  I felt like we were two girlfriends having a party last Friday; you are such a warm, caring, and honest person and you’ve “been there, done that” so you understand how trying this whole hair loss experience is. Thanks so much for all you do! I’ve given your business name and phone # to everyone I can think of (including the nurses at Frauenshuh).  I’ve received so many complements and want to share the experience with all women going through this trying time.  If there’s anything else I can do to spread your message and business, please let me know.  Take care,”

– Deb from Golden Valley


“Thank you so much for the time and help you provided last week.  You really helped me through the steps to make this transition successful.  I met with Ted (stylist) and he and his staff made the wig look great!  Better than my real hair!  Best Wishes to you and know that what you do really makes a huge difference!”

– Stacy from Minnetonka


“I have been thinking about what makes you and your services so special and I’ve landed on the word ‘authenticity’ – you used that word when we were searching for just the right wig style and color and it describes perfectly what you are all about. Working with you to find just the right wig was a rewarding and life-affirming experience.  I came you with much anxiety about the entire process after having tried several other providers in the twin cities with very disappointing results.  You truly understand the physical and emotional aspects of medical hair loss. You also understood and validated my desire for authenticity and my wish to regain a measure of control in the midst of profound physical and emotional changes.  I am very pleased with the results and have received many compliments.  People have commented about how they love the way my hair is growing back.  Now, that’s authentic!  I am still enjoying the wig and always wear it for work.”

– Alice from Saint Paul


“I have to say I had so much fun meeting with you over this past week-and learning so many tips from you too!  You truly are an amazing person and very much a positive role model fo me!  Thank you for your time and for sharing your experience with me.”

Five days later:

“I should tell you I was trying on my wig tonight and walked downstairs to show my husband.  I just stood in front of him and he looked at me weird-like why are you standing there?  So I put both hands up, just below my hair-and he still just looked at me.  I did the gesture again and kind of did it more emphatically that second time-and I swear he shook his head (like a double take) and goes “oh wow-I didn’t notice it’s the wig”.  My sister-in-law just sent me a text and said she never would have known it wsa a wig in the picture except that I’d told her.  Rave reviews, I tell you!  Thanks a million, Jan.”

A few months later…

Hi Jan,  I wore my wig for the first time in public today – to church actually and Easter brunch. My hair is slowly leaving me and my last hair cut on Friday made it more apparent as to how much I’ve lost. So I don’t need the mesh cap under the wig anymore. It fits well! And I’ve quit coloring my hair too. I’m dealing with turning gray and balding patches all at once. Yeah, I’m a sight.  But great reviews for the wig! I brought it to my hair cut and my stylist said it was probably the best wig she’s seen! She said something about why doesn’t everyone get good looking wigs.  Will be in touch – take care!  (Christina is pictured below).

– Christina from Plymouth



Everyone loves the wig – it has worked out great and I’ve ended up wearing that instead of the scarf and hats, at least at work.  It truly is worth it to get a high quality wig.  Thanks for your prayers – God is good!  It was inspiring talking to you and your business is great! 

One week later… Today someone said this is the best wig they’ve ever seen – they didn’t know it was a wig. Thought you would like to hear that!

– Carol from Minneapolis


Hi Jan, Thanks for your email. Yes, Julie trimmed it. It is still long. She agreed…keep it long…we can always cut it as time progresses. So, I am wearing my “hippie” hair as I call it and think it is quite fun. Keaton loves it. She so enjoyed being a part of the picking out process.  Thank you for being so dear to her and including her in such a sweet way. I really appreciated your one on one time and expertise. I am thrilled with my decision. The color is perfect…the long hair – a fun departure from my usual look!  Thanks again,

– Jill from Minneapolis


I thought I’d share a nice experience that happened recently. I met up with a woman who I used to meet at the club to work out. It has been months since I’ve been there. I shared that I haven’t been there because I’m undergoing cancer treatment and that I plan to come back soon. She says to me, in all honesty, “Well, at least you haven’t lost your hair.” I laughed so hard – and thought you’d appreciate that as well. I did end up sharing that it was fake – she was shocked.  I wear my wig every day – I love it. There are very few times I wear a hat.   Thank you so much for making my experience a better one.

– Sally from Deephaven


Hi Jan, yes, I have lost my hair.  Tim and I had our little shearing session Labor Day weekend, just after my second chemo treatment.  Everybody loves my hair and says I look younger.  Who wouldn’t like that!  I wore to work for the first time yesterday.  It really is pretty comfortable.  At times, I actually forgot I had it on!

– Shelly from Minneapolis 


This photo is from Evelyn in Plymouth (below).  She is a breast cancer survivor of 2 years and a working professional who has decided wig wearing is both practical and fun.  She looks absolutely terrific!”

– Jan/It’s Still Me



Jan – I just learned about you today at a Look Good, Feel Beautiful class I attended through the American Cancer Society and met one of your clients who looked fabulous and most highly recommended you and your store. I was very resistant to considering a wig as I face hair loss in the next week or so after recently beginning chemo for breast cancer myself. That is, until I met this woman!! I never would have guessed she was wearing a wig! I would LOVE an opportunity to schedule a consultation with you ASAP – Thank you! I very much look forward to meeting you!

– Katie from St Paul

One week later:
I feel so lucky our paths crossed– can’t wait to see my wig later this week! Thanks again for a wonderful consultation and for opening a store like yours!  You should feel so proud just how many lives you are touching because of your personal touch and first-hand knowledge how it feels to lose your hair.  You truly are an inspiration!

– Katie from St Paul


Hi Jan – attached is the one photo I have at work that I can easily forward (see below).  I’m the one without the hat.  Love, love the wig.  I’ve gotten tons of compliments – many people just think I just changed my style a bit – for the better.  I’ve given up worrying about it moving around (it doesn’t) and will drive with the windows down.  I’m planning on keeping this for as long as possible as my hair comes in.  The two minute morning styling is also a perk.  Thanks for your help with selecting it.  I went to a couple other places but they were no comparison.

– Cathy from Plymouth

Kate Mcguire


Hi Jan, thanks so much for being such an excellent wig consultant. My mother-in-law and father-in-law both enjoyed their time with you. And all the rest of the day (they stayed for a visit to the farmers market, the coffee shop and then supper), I kept thinking how pretty she looked in her well fitting, contemporary wig. She was VERY pleased.

– Karen from St Paul


I love the wig! I’m already wearing it… I had to buzz my head on Sunday Night, and actually… made a party out of it! It’s a very comfortable wig, I really appreciate your help picking it out. Thanks,

– Melinda from Wayzata


Hi Jan, I was waiting to get the photos from Rock the Cure. So here they are! Being a musician with breast cancer, it was very important to me to find a “Gig Wig’. Something  that was similar to the hair I had before the chemo. Really more for me to fell “normal”. Jan took the time with me to find the right fit and treated me with such respect. Honestly, I love my wig more than my old hair! Thanks again Jan,

– Molly (pictured below)



You made this part of the cancer journey so much more enjoyable than we ever could have dreamed!  We will be sure to pass your name along every chance we get….. And my mother-in-law is truly thrilled and confident in her choice, she loves it.  Thanks, and we wish you the very best,

– Deb from Edina


I am happily wearing my NEW HAIR and love it!  Everyone else does too and it feels like a part of me now.  I have adjusted so well to my short hair it feels like I’ve had it a long time (hopefully this is short term though!)  When I walked through the door at my cousins house the evening I got it, my kids all looked at me and gave me a great big hug and said they love it!  I was so happy!  My oldest said she likes even more than my other hair and a lot of other people have said that too.  I guess I don’t have a choice but to hold my head up high and keep going…life is so worth it!  Take care too, I will contact you if I need anything or maybe just need some support.

– Blessings, Laura from Burnsville


Because of her own experience with cancer and hair loss, Jan is uniquely qualified to help women through the process of selecting the right wig. She will help you feel stylish and be yourself.  At “Its Still Me” you can turn a negative into a positive.

– Kristen from Chanhassen


Just had to say thank you for such a fun evening of wig shopping. You really made it fun! And just like your card says, you restored more than just my hair. I have changed my plans for tomorrow’s chemotherapy and plan to return to the office afterward. You inspired me! I can do this. Just have to try (and not let it try to beat me…).  I thank you again for your inspiration and guidance — I will keep in touch!

– Best, Denine from Plymouth


I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you so much for the
wonderful experience today! You are such a blessing to patients and
their families. My mom just loved you! I guess she had a nice early
dinner with my brother and ate very well because she was so happy.  I will see you when her wig comes in.

– Blessings, Barb from Edina
Miranda from Belle Plaine is pictured below wearing a scarf from my studio. She has a 16 year old friend who is undergoing Lymphoma treatment and has lost her hair.  Orange happens to be one of her friend’s favorite colors (she is wearing her own orange scarf at Children’s Hospital as I write) as well as the color for the Lymphoma cause.  She has chosen to wear this scarf to her school as a sign of support of her friend. A very heartwarming story.

– Jan/ It’s Still Me




“Beverly from Robbinsdale (pictured below) makes wig wearing look so good!  What a gorgous color and great style!”

– Jan



“This photo came to me from Linda in Plymouth.  In speaking about her experience with losing her hair to chemotherapy, she is now wearing her wig and looks SO similiar to her own look, many people do not know the difference. She shared that even her own hair dresser could not believe the color and style match!  As a school teacher Linda has always enjoyed educating and encouraging people and she is doing just that by sharing this photo. Losing one’s hair doesn’t need to be a loss of identity. She looks just like the Linda who came to visit me with her own hair! Her energy and positive attitude were an inspiration” 

– Jan/It’s Still Me


“Hi Jan – I just wanted to let you know that I had such a wonderful time with my flight attendant friends seeing “Footloose” It was great! Some of the people had not seen me for 25 years! They all thought I looked great. They thought that I looked the same as did that long ago. Thanks to you and the beautiful wig I felt good about myself! It helped my self esteem! This will help me too when I go back to work March 1st. I start chemo Wed. Feb 17. I also am having my head shaved on Feb 23. I am really nervous about it but I want to have control of losing my hair my own way. Thanks again for everything! I did have my wigs thinned out and trimmed by Ted today. He did a great job!”

– Cindy from Bloomington (pictured below)

Cindy from Bloomington


“I’ve been meaning to email you! I really feel like this hair has almost saved my life.  I know that sounds funny, but when you suffer from body dsymporhic disorder, you often don’t leave the house.  I am social now and back to my old self.  I met an amazing man and his family is great.  I’ve been interviewing for jobs and thanking God for each day that I’m given. I wasted six months of my life by not leaving the house and I am grateful for everything I have. My mom and whole family are thrilled.  Depression robs you of your identity and I have mine back now.  I wanted to thank you for your kindness and patience with me.  I am on medication and now realize that I am not fat nor bald.  My hair is growing back because I have been eating better and more and trying to destress   Would love to hear back from you.  I have an interview Monday morning at 8:00am.  I am taking good care of the hair and will let u know if I need it trimmed.  Would love to stop by and see you when you are free sometime :)”

– Ariannah from Amery, WI



We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed seeing you today in the Oncology clinic, you made our day so much nicer  Thank you for all you do to help people during the most difficult time of their lives, you are truly an inspiration!

– Sarah from Delano


“Thank you so much for meeting me and my posse on Monday.  You took a difficult experience and made it feel like some thing positive.
I feel I found a wig that fits me, my coloring, my style and was comfortable.  I think it will really help me through this whole losing my hair process!” 

– Jen from Maple Grove


“I really am so very happy with the wig, and my caps, too. I’ve sent pix to my friends and now they all want a wig! More importantly, they’re happy for me that I have found a way to have fun and look good during this journey. Here I am, after 2 chemo sessions, enjoying New Year’s, thanks to your help and my wonderful new wig. Medicine is only part of getting better–you want to feel good about yourself, too”.

– Barbara from Minneapolis (pictured below)



“Barbara from Edina is wearing a cute, pixie cut wig that looks so natural.  She looks really great!” (pictured below)

– Jan/It’s Still Me.



“Jan, It was lovely meeting you and and you were so helpful in the selection of wigs.  Everyone thinks it is just like my old hair but with bangs.  My husband likes my wig better than my old hair!  Thank you so much for your encouragement and support during this difficult period of my life.  You are not only a survivor, but a huge support to all women going through cancer with your business.  Thank you, Jan.”
– Lisa from Edina

Tammy came to me as an oncology nurse (20+ years) going through breast cancer treatment herself, a cruel irony. She has such a positive attiutde and shared a memorable comment.  Oncology nurses are true heros in my eyes.

“This experience is going to make me a better nurse.” 

– Tammy from Stillwater (pictured below)


“Jan Strassburg … bright, witty, passionate to the N’th degree for any undertaking … I hired Jan years ago at Mill End Textiles – she was absolutely the best hire ever! We worked closely together for many years, and when I left the company, it was natural for Jan to move into my position. Retail is a different animal … long hours scheduled at the last minute were a reality. Not once was Jan ever unavailable – she not only stepped up to the plate – she went above and beyond. Her communication skills are second to none, her sense of humor is contagious, her care and concern for others are a “given”, her attention to every detail and her flexibility to meet whatever the need, are the things that make Jan successful and an absolute joy to work with. I’ve watched her deal with tough situations and tough people – Jan displays grace in whatever she deals with. She’s an accomplished woman and it’s truly been my pleasure to know her, and an absolute honor to recommend her. She wasn’t just a colleague – she’s a friend.” August 13, 2009

– Helen from Plymouth (Former Boss of 25 years ago speaks to Jan’s character.  Jan was 22 yrs old at the time.)


Hello, Jan, As of today, I have not lost my hair yet.  I hold my breath every day as I was sure it would be gone by now. I shared your brochure with the oncologist nurse at the Buffalo Hospital & she was very interested.  I hope you get some business from out this way. Kelly & I thank you again for the most pleasant experience & all your care  & support.  You are a terrific gal.

– Marlene from Buffalo


The following series of photos were sent by Megan from Wayzata. They show her wearing an It’s Still Me wig, a scarf, and au naturale.  I think this photo testimonial is worth a thousand words.


I still just love the wig.  I get a lot of comments on it, and I do pass your name along to many.  You were such a help to me.  My hair came out about 2 days after I saw you, and actually had my hair dresser come to my house on July 4th and cut it all off and shave my head.  I was so grateful that I was able to get the wig the same day so I was ready to go.  My husband has since been shaving my head, so as to keep the stubble under control (you were so right, very annoying). Thanks again for you great help and understanding, it was so nice to meet you. 

– Michele from Maple Grove


“I have attached a picture of Mary and I in our new wigs.  You have both our permission to use our images, since we are so pretty, if you need them.  Thank you again for all your help during this hideous experience.”

Cancer Fighter Extraordinaire

— I Just recevied this photo from a customer named Amy (pictured on the right).  She and her good friend Mary are both wearing wigs in this photo.  It’s unbelievable that two close friends would be going through cancer (differerent types) treatment at the same time.  I think they look great!  She is an AMAZING woman!  Every woman I meet is an inspiration.


“I wore one of my wigs for the first time yesterday in an outing with friends.  Both are truly great friends, and we’re very honest with each other about everything.  They loved the wig and kept commenting on how natural it looks.  I wanted to share this with you because you should know how your product is received.  Feedback is so important, and it’s fun to share when it’s positive!

– Deb from Golden Valley


“My wig made it’s debut at a wedding on Sat. night to rave reviews!  My friends all liked it very much.  The funny part was when we were standing in gale force winds outside the church waiting to blow bubbles and everyone’s hair except for mine was blown to bits.

– Karen from St. Paul


Jan, words cannot express what a wonderful service you provide.  Your frank discussion of the hair loss process and many helpful tips was invaluable.  I know they say the hair loss is one of the hardest things for women to deal with but if there were more Jans in the world that wouldn’t be true.  You set the perfect tone.  Thanks for giving us a wonderful day.

– Sandy from Inver Grove Heights


First and foremost, can I ever thank you enough for the path you have chosen that is such an incredible blessing to those warriors, like our Katelyn, battling cancer. The emotional tragedy of hair loss is beyond
my comprehension, but, as a mom, the pain of it is at times agonizingly clear as I look into my daughters eyes. You, however, have provided an oasis of understanding and support through this part of the journey that
no one else can and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts…

– Julie from Andover

Thank you so much for the support and assistance in helping my mom in finding a wig after her hair loss due to chemo and radiation. It has been such a bright spot for us in this very tough journey.   It’s Still Me went way beyond expectations – I had intended to get a few ideas and pictures to show my Mom who lives out of state.  You and your staff not only found several darling wigs that were suitable but also helped in getting the right style and fitting even though she is several hundred miles away.   Thank you again so much for your caring and supportive services!

– Meghan, St. Louis Park


“I bought a wig from you and my Mom came and picked up one of the halo wigs (to wear with hats).  I just want to thank you again for making the experience so great.  You are simply awesome and I know your business is going to do so well.  I will recommend you to anyone in need of a wig.  We will look you up at the Race for the Cure on Mothers Day.”

– Kelly from Bloomington


“My experience of trying on several wigs and purchasing one from ‘It’s Still Me’ was very uplifting.  I was trying to be proactive in buying a wig before losing my hair as a result of the chemotherapy treatments for my breast cancer, and Jan was very supportive, informative and empathetic.  I would definitely recommend ‘It’s Still Me’ to all women who may be in need of a wig.  Jan has lived through the breast cancer experience and understands the emotional aspects involved, as well as being very knowledgeable about wigs.  Her experience and understanding make her instrumental during this difficult time.”

– Lori from Zimmerman


I just wanted to drop you a little note and say congratulations with your store!  I only wish that you had this service 15 years ago, so that I could have spoken with you when my mother was battling her cancer.  The wigs that we had to choose from then were from a catalog and were barely acceptable for her needs.  She became so disheartened that she ended up just wearing a scarf  and said to heck with everyone else’s opinion.  I however knew that the loss of her hair was devastating to her self esteem.  A service such as yours would have been a huge benefit to her.  Unfortunately my mother is no longer with us, as the cancer caused scar tissue to form and brought on Alzheimer’s and she has been gone for 5 year’s now.  Best of luck Jan.  You truly are providing a much needed service for everyone.”

– Jean from St. Paul


“Jan is a breast cancer survivor. When she lost her hair and went to purchase a wig, the experience was disappointing and added to her burden rather than lightening it. After over a year of planning, Jan opened “It’s Still Me” on Excelsior Blvd. in St. Louis Park. It is a private, upscale studio where women can come for a one-on-one, nurturing consultation and find a hair replacement solution that helps them maintain their dignity. One of the key elements that makes Jan’s business unique is her gifting program. When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, family, friends and coworkers often want to do something to help. Jan is providing them with an opportunity to give a gift of money to be used toward the purchase of the wig. Friends, family and co-workers are able to make an on-line donation in the name of the person needing a wig. It gives people a real tangible way to feel they are doing something to help and it is more meaningful than a hotdish! The key to “It’s Still Me” is Jan’s compassion and experience as a cancer survivor. She is able to touch her clients in a very special way because she has walked their path.” 

– Carol Jean Peterson, Women Venture Business Consultant


Jan, knowing you and your incredible spirit, you were a blessing to me when I first met you as well as when you were diagnosed with cancer – yes it was difficult, but you were determined to make it through and not allow it to dampen your spirit. God has worked through you in many ways and I thank Him for your life and the privilege of knowing you.  You are not afraid of pain and struggle, and to Him to be the Glory for seeing you through that very difficult time.

– Janet, Minnetonka


I have worked closely with Jan for the last 25 years, she has always
been kind and easy going to work with.  I have the highest regards for
her integrity, honesty and hard work capabilities to get things done.

– Michael, Cottage Grove


“We have known Jan for about 20 years.  She has always been a very good friend.  She works hard at whatever she chooses to do.  If she doesn’t have the answer to something she will always find out.  We think she will do very well in this business adventure because she has always been very professional in her work life.  We also believe being a
survivor will help her relate to her customers.” 

– Ed & Leslie, Edina


“I had the privilege and opportunity to see Jan on her life-journey that was not easy but was filled with victory and strength that comes only from God. People with such experience have so much to offer, and Jan is one of them. I am excited to see how Jan is turning her life experience into something very important that will help other people.” 

– Sonja, Maple Grove