Absolutely Amazed at the Hairline Under My Bangs — Invisible!!

My husband LOVES the wig!  He likes the slightly new/different style, too, and agreed that most everyone will believe this is just a new haircut!  He was absolutely amazed at the hairline under my bangs … invisible!!

I can’t thank you enough for making this experience a personal, very positive “event” and for removing any anxiety or disheartening atmosphere from what could have been a very emotional mission. I feared it would be a devastating shopping experience in the face of losing my hair.  My hair has always been very important to me.  I began setting it in rollers back in junior high, throughout high school, and through our first years of marriage.  Even after that, I typically used both hot rollers and a curling iron … and hair products – lots of hair products.  I was confident that no matter what wig I ultimately ended up with, it would never come close to being similar to my own.  You have proven me wrong and I am the proud new owner of a beautiful and affordable wig.

You have now met three of our four daughters and each was impressed with your knowledge and your ability to personalize each wig to the client in your chair.  You got to know me, my style, my personality, and then stepped to the side, and out of an entire wall of boxes, you selected two of the most perfect wigs I could have imagined.

I can’t thank you enough for this thoroughly calm, relaxing, supportive, and professional experience, Jan!

With much love,
Roxanne P.

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