Hair Support for Thinning Hair and Scalp Care

I would like to pass along a line of scalp care products that might interest you.  Scalp care is extremely important during the chemotherapy process. I personally used a product similar to this at the time I was undergoing treatment and truthfully once my hair started to grow back, it grew at a rate unlike before.  The primary reason was the fact I was shampooing my scalp with a product designed to cleanse the hair follicle from dead skin cells, body oils and chemotherapy toxins.  No product will magically promote hair growth while receiving chemotherapy simply because the drug itself is killing those fast growing cells. However, the use of a scalp cleanser (and conditioner to prevent scalp dryness) is preparing the scalp for ideal conditions to have growth occur when the time is right.


Hair Support for Thinning Hair and Scalp Care (chemotherapy)

Cleansing @ Revitalizing Shampoo

  • A natural deep cleaning shampoo that loosens build-up on the scalp and hair, creating a healthy environment for the growth of dormant hair
  • Removes debris such as skin cells, oil, product build-up, chemotherapy toxins, body toxins
  • Prepares scalp and follicle for hair growth
  • Studies show hair grows back twice as fast

Restructuring Conditioner

  • A light and natural restructuring conditioner for the scalp and hair.
  • Overnight Scalp Treatment
  • A stepped-up treatment that deep cleans hair follicles and the scalp, potentially leading to the growth of dormant hair