I have now been in business 2 months

Business has been good and I have learned much from each person about their hair needs and even more about the challenges they face to accept a new identity.   I’ve seen women who have slightly thinning hair, to complete hair loss.  Any level of loss significantly affects self esteem.   
I was especially touched by a young woman who came to my studio today. She was holding onto the hope she would not lose her hair to chemotherapy treatment.  Unfortunately she did lose it.  She shared how she had been to another shop about a week ago in an effort to be pro-active, and left in tears feeling that the whole experience left much to be desired.  She was told about my studio and came for an appointment.  She is a beautiful woman who very intensely misses her long dark hair.  We shared tears as well as our stories and soon she was trying on wigs and beginning to see that there was hope for what felt like a completely hopeless situation.  Smiles and even laughter became a part of our time together. Never did I think my own breast cancer journey would take me to a place where I would be able to encourage others in such a powerful way.  I am on an emotional high….truly rewarding work!  
An update on the media appearances I made in May are now on my website www.itsstillme.com on the About Us page as well as You Tube.