Gorgeous Wig Makes Waves at Benefit

In reflecting over the past month since I created my July entry, I am inspired to share a moving story (with her permission) of a very special customer.  Kelly came to me in April as my first customer.  I was honored to meet her and hear her amazing cancer story.  She had a gorgeous, long, thick head of brown/auburn curls.  She was facing losing those to chemotherapy and we successfully accomplished a long (straighter) wig that she was happy with.  She looked great!
Four months later, I heard from Kelly again, this time telling me about a benefit that her family and friends were doing to help off-set her medical expenses.  In addition to the invitation, she asked if she could purchase a 2nd wig, this being a human hair wig (her first was a synthetic).  I went to work and located a long, thick head of human hair that would resemble her own color and style.  She anxiously came to my studio on the Friday before the Saturday night benefit.  She could hardly wait to see the wig I had to show her and quickly fell in love with it.  I told her she could have it to wear at her benefit and pay me afterwards. She wore the wig home!  She was just radiant and looked positively beautiful. The best news is that the hair in this wig responded to humidity and has become a bit curly/wavy, which only adds to how much she loves her new hair.  Nothing makes me more happy than knowing my customers are pleased!
You can view the photos she sent in the August 27th, 2009 blog post.  They’re really great!