Book Club Donation Helps Make Wig Possible

The accompanying photo carries an amazing story. This group of women is a book club from Plymouth. One of their members approached me in late October after reading a recent story in the Sun Sailor Newspapers about the gifting program I offer here. Karen initially contacted me with an email message explaining that they do an annual community service outreach and wondered if they could donate funds toward a woman (preferably a young mom because their group is comprised of young moms) going through cancer treatment and in need of a wig. I was honored by their request and invited them to come to my studio. They were eager to hear my story and I was humbled to accept their donation. I told them I would hold the funds until the right recipient came along.

Five days later: A woman named Suzi came to me with a recent breast cancer diagnosis and shared that she has 3 year old twins. I soon knew she would be the perfect recipient of the donated funds and asked her if she would like to accept this group’s generosity. She was very touched and graciously said ‘yes’. She selected a wig that needed to be ordered. She came back a week-and-a half later with her husband and cousin to pick it up and to meet Karen, who was representing the book club. They were both eager to meet one another. Suzi to meet the woman behind the donation initiative and Karen to meet the recipient of their outreach. We shared a special time together creating a lasting memory for all of us. The photo of the three of us tells the story!