Making New Friends

Kelly, my very first customer, was generous enough to send me this photo of herself wearing her new wig.  Doesn’t she look fabulous? 

I just received the following note from another wonderful young woman named Katelyn who recently visited my wig studio.  It’s notes like these that make the challenges of starting a new business fade into the woodwork. My goal is to help every woman experiencing hair loss feel this way:

"Hi Jan!  I still have my hair, still going "strong" Its coming out but not too bad. Not GIANT clumps just yet. I am very happy with my wig, thank you so much! I have pinned my hair up, put on my wig and took a photo, posted it online so my friends could see. Everyone is shocked to find out that its a wig. I love the wig, I am actually growing somewhat attached to it. :p  – Katelyn"

Thanks Kelly and Katelyn, you’re why I’m in this business.  I look forward to your progress reports, and please let me know if I can help in any way.